It's not all hugs and puppies here. After just 10 minutes behind the wheel, I discovered the shifter was actually too far back, the adjustable pedal setup couldn’t take the strain of hard braking, and the steering platform was too loose. This wasn't entirely unexpected – fine-tuning during gameplay has been part of every previous build, and despite all the problems from my ill-conceived plan, the Mk5 had relatively few issues to dial in.

The pedals are already reinforced and the shifter is moved forward. I have a plan to button down the steering table that I'll hit in the next couple of days, but as it stands, the Mk5 is fully functional in all aspects. Considering the problems I had, I'll take it and run.

Got any suggestions for a Mk6 cockpit? Before you jump into the comments on that, peruse the few remaining slides to see my previous mad-scientist cockpit creations.