It all starts with a big pile of wood, purchased just prior to Coronavirus going ballistic in the States. Specifically, I got two 4’ x 8’ sheets of half-inch plywood, one 4’ x 8’ sheet of quarter-inch plywood, a pair of 2” x 4” beams, some 2” x 6” pieces, 16 feet of precut oak corner trim, an assortment of hinges and metal corner braces, a ginormous box of wood screws, and a quart of Pecan Gloss stain. I already had the car seat from the Mk4 cockpit; I’d ultimately repurpose the fold-out steering wheel legs and table as well as the seat base. All total, I spent just over $100 in materials.

My design would be an evolutionary improvement from the Mk4, which was also a transforming table that worked well as a racing cockpit but had many flaws, such as the seat not actually fitting inside. As such, Mk5 would be a bit taller at 29 inches, a bit longer at 42 inches, and a bit narrower at 33 inches.