Franz von Holzhausen isn't a loser per se, but he didn't have a very good night last night. For one, he's the guy who shattered the Cybertruck's windows with a metal ball. More significant, though, is the fact that, as head of design at Tesla, his team's latest vehicle doesn't seem to be going over well with the masses.

The Cybertruck's all-angles appearance is unlike anything we've seen on a production vehicle – in fact, we're not even sure some of it is legal in the United States, in regards to regulations about things like headlight size and placement, sideview mirrors, etc. It's so out there we think most people are just having a hard time imagining ever wanting something that looks like that parked in their driveway.

Maybe von Holzhausen and his team was just executing Musk's vision for a truck the CEO has wanted to build ever since seeing Blade Runner in the theaters. Regardless, his name's now attached to the design, and we're not sure this is one he'll want to mention on his resume in the future.