Executives at U.S. truck manufacturers probably had a good laugh at Tesla's expense last night – the truck's design is bonkers for a production vehicle and the schadenfreude at Elon's failed glass strength demonstration must surely have tasted sweet. Today, though, they're all waking up to a world in which Elon Musk has entered their air space. He's thrown down an electric gauntlet and said, "Here, beat that." They may be laughing at the truck's looks, but they're not laughing at its ability to tow 14,000 pounds. They're not laughing at its sub-$40,000 starting price. They're not laughing at its 500-mile range. And they're not laughing at the fact they somehow have to develop a competitor to the Cybertruck that doesn't threaten sales of their own money-printing gas-powered pickups. It's a brave new world the day after this Cybertruck reveal, and for U.S. truck manufacturers, it's a little more uncertain.