There are very few cars out there that fully live up to the meaning of the word all-rounder. The new Audi RS6 Avant is on that shortlist by blending supercar-like performance with the immense practicality you’d want from a big wagon. It also happens to be sinfully gorgeous and equipped with the latest and greatest tech to come from Ingolstadt. 

The best thing about the Audi RS6 Avant? It’s finally coming to the United States, and while I’m sure it will cost six figures, it’ll be worth every penny. I’d have it over the Mercedes-AMG E63 Wagon every day of the week and twice on Sundays. In a world obsessed with SUVs, a wagon that blurs the line between a family car and a supercar is the perfect antidote in my opinion. 

If I’m allowed to dream, I’d have mine with a sinister all-black look riding on the optional 22-inch alloy wheels and with a cream leather interior. 

Adrian Padeanu, News Editor