The Jeep Wrangler is a back-to-basics SUV, which is why my Wrangler is about as basic as it gets. With an entry-level $28,045 Wrangler Sport two-door as my canvas, I fit the four-wheel-drive box with $1,910 worth of extras. Hell, even the basic among us need a few amenities. 

Many of the options on my white Wrangler enhance its capabilities. For instance, $595 went toward an anti-lock rear-differential and all-terrain tires for the SUV’s 17-inch steel wheels. Other options, though, are there to enhance my driving performance. Notably, the $1,295 air-conditioning system. That’s a small price to pay to avoid regular hospital bills for heat-stroke treatment.

Finally, this Wrangler includes the Smokers Group, a $30 package that adds a cigarette lighter and removable ashtray. Do I smoke? No. But if I’m entering the world of Wrangler ownership, then I at least need to entertain the idea of lighting up while driving. It only seems natural in this sort of vehicle. 

All in, I’m looking at an out-the-door price of $31,460, including a $1,495 destination fee. As far as Wrangler’s go, this one’s a smokin’ deal.