My perfect mid-engined Corvette packs a flat-six engine, wears a Porsche crest, and goes by the name 718 Cayman GT4. Sorry fam, I just can’t imagine choosing the Corvette over the GT4. 

The latest Corvette is definitely exciting, and it’s a performance bargain thanks to a starting price of less than $60,000. But if I’m driving a reasonably priced mid-engined sports car, then I’m jumping ship to the $99,200 GT4. Yes, it’s noticeably more expensive than the Chevy, but the Porsche comes with a real, row-it-yourself six-speed manual transmission. It’s also all-but-guaranteed to drive like a dream, and I like the looks of the Porsche better, too. I want to believe the Corvette’s behind-the-wheel experience will live up to the hype, but if my time with previous Corvettes and Porsche Caymans and 911s are anything to go by, then the latest Corvette’s driving engagement likely falls a couple of ticks short of the Porsches’. 

So what’s my perfect Cayman GT4 – errr Corvette – equipped with? Not much. I tacked on a coat of Gentian Blue Metallic paint for $650, the top-of-the-line LED headlight system for $2,140 (there’s nothing safer than sight), $530 worth of seat heaters, $360 for Apple CarPlay compatibility (WTF Porsche?), and $2,320 for in-dash navigation, which brings my bill to $106,550, including $1,350 for destination. On second thought, maybe a $60,000 Corvette is the wiser choice.

- Greg Fink