Forget this $60,000 crap...I’m going bananas. A restrained C8 devoid of carbon fiber accents, rear wings, and front splitters defeats the point. This car is supposed to make a statement, and that’s exactly what my spec does. Torch red paint sets the perfect base tone, complementing the various carbon fiber trim pieces and black accents. Don’t forget the massive rear wing sitting on the butt. Quick side note: my only strong gripe with the C8 is the wheel options. None of them look good to me, so I went with the lesser of all evils. But apart from the wheels, I love this thing. It’s my perfect brand of obnoxious with just enough restraint to not be over-the-top.

Inside, my C8 is a bit more restrained with subtle jet black seats and red contrast stitching. I also opted for the transparent roof, mostly because it looks cool. Fancy (at least for a Corvette) suede material lines the GT2 sport seats and various portions of the cabin, while sections of carbon fiber class things up a bit, too. But my concern is not really the interior. I want to blast by with bright paint and giant wing, with the whole world watching. Welcome to my mid-engined masterpiece.

- Clint Simone