I have no business running on a track, other than for purposes of evaluating a car, and neither does my car. So I will keep my choices closer to the Grand Tourer side of the Corvette’s split personality than to the Track Demon one. 

I will ditch the typical colors you would expect to see the body of a Corvette in and have mine in Ceramic Matrix Gray Metallic with the transparent roof on the Carbon Flash Open Spoke wheels with bright red brake calipers. I’ll delete all the standard black accents with the body color option, with the exception of the side rockers which do not offer a body-color option. The black badges would be replaced with for the chrome ones in an effort to hold on to the past as much as possible. I dig this look. Finally, I want to have anything to do with the terribly looking spoiler offered, the rear end looks busy as it is, I’d rip it off if I had too.

Inside things would be a touch more dramatic, with GT2 Sky Cool Grey leather seats with blue seat belts in 2LT trim. I wish Chevrolet would offer the ‘Performance Textile’ option in any other color than black, since this Henry Ford like approach kept me away from the ecologically sensible option. Finally, I’d decorate the engine with the red cover. I don’t expect this car to cost a cent more than $59,999.99, but only time will tell.

- Simón Gómez