I’m holding Chevrolet to its claim that you can buy a C8 Corvette Stingray for under $60,000. Frankly, that figure seems fantastical for something with a gutsy V8 positioned behind the driver. Often times, such a low base price is a bait-and-switch move because it’s a barebones machine buyers don’t want, and as such, dealers never order one. Furthermore, it could even be tough for the buyer to order one, but if Chevy is going to turn the supercar world on its head with a crazy-cheap C8, I want to be in the driver’s seat with my no-option Stingray.

Unfortunately, pricing isn’t available yet on the C8 configurator so I’m forced to guess what items are standard issue. I suspect Torch Red is a no-cost color, and the simple silver five-spoke wheels look just fine to me. The 1LT trim level includes leather seats, and though a single shade of black can be monotonous in a car, it’s a mood for which I’m very familiar. No carbon fiber bits, no upgraded spoiler, and yes, no Z51 Performance Package, which means I won’t have the C8’s full 495 horsepower at my disposal. Chevrolet hasn’t come right out and said what the LT2’s base power is – we’ve heard it 490 – but even if it’s less, this car with its dual-clutch gearbox should still be one helluva ride for less than $60,000.

- Chris Smith