Immediately after the disappointing Astro II setback, Duntov went back into action. By the end of 1968 he had two gorgeous functional mid-engined prototypes known as the XP-882s that looked and drove better than any Corvette ever made. But in mid 1969 the project was cancelled by none other than John Z. DeLorean, then Chevrolet’s general manager. Duntov found a way around DeLorean and managed to show one of the prototypes, properly repainted and reconditioned, in the 1970 New York Auto Show. Public and press alike went wild for the XP-882 and DeLorean was forced to fund further development. However, the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo not only killed any chances for the mid engined Corvette to be produced, but also slowed further Corvette development. Long live the C3!