Ford's line of Mustangs is to me like the spread of ingredients at Chipotle: I like some more than others, but everything is generally pretty damn good. I guess that makes the GT500 a big scoop of guac, because this car is totally worth the extra money. The GT500's face reminds me of the Galpin Rocket – a car that I adore – with a huge mouth and front lip. The carbon fiber wheels are the perfect complement to the car's in-your-face attitude, as are the rear wing and exhaust tips.

The jury’s out on the dual-clutch transmission, but with "over 700 horsepower" how much can you really complain? In a world where Hellcats roam the streets making noise and turning heads, the GT500 has to be great, and I’m convinced it will be just that. Hell, even hearing it start up at on the auto show floor made me smile.

Clint Simone, Associate Editor, Video Producer