The first-gen Mini was a huge success for BMC, which sold it under the Austin and Morris brands, and the car received some updates in 1967, creating the Mark II model.

On the outside, the Mini still looked similar. The designers changed the grille's shape and added new trim along the top of it. The rear window was also larger. The taillights had a more angular shape, rather than the original ovals.

The 848cc mill was still the entry-level engine, but a 998cc powerplant was now available, too. The Cooper also featured a 998cc engine, and the Cooper S displaced 1.275 liters.

In addition to the iconic two-door body, buyers could also get the Mini as a station wagon, van, and pickup. There was even a tiny off-roader called the Moke. There were also two-door sedan variants called the Riley Elf and Wolseley Hornet.