$22.99 From Amazon (at time of publishing)

Chances are your dad isn’t driving a brand new car, and he may not have ever experienced the benefits of bluetooth handsfree calling. He should, not only because it’s way safer than holding a phone to your ear, but it’s much more convenient as well. Adding bluetooth capability to older cars is easy using the iClever Himbox HB01. All that’s required in the car is a 3.5mm aux input and cigarette lighter.

The Himbox is better than other options because it features echo and noise-cancellation technology, it automatically reconnects your bluetooth phone every time you start the car (which many of its competitors don’t do), and it can pair with two phones simultaneously. Plus, it can be powered either by plugging into your car’s USB port or, absent one of those, the cigarette lighter. Credit goes to The Wirecutter, which originally turned us on to this product.