$127.81 From Amazon (at time of publishing)

Ever wonder what your crazy dad has seen in his years behind the wheel of the family truckster? Wonder no more! The Papago GoSafe 535 Dashcam can record super high-res video (1296p with a 160-degree-wide angle) of what Papa sees. It supports up to a 64GB MicroSD card, good for 8 hours of recording at 1080p, and we particularly like its flexibility with three different recording modes. There’s one for automatic recording, one for taking images at one-second intervals, and a motion-activated mode to catch vandalizers or would-be car thieves.

Plus, the GoSafe also comes with driver assist safety features like stop sign recognition, a headlight reminder, and a driver fatigue alarm. Lastly, you can view recorded video on the GoSafe itself, as well as share it straight from your smartphone; no more taking the memory card inside to load onto your computer. Credit goes to The Wirecutter, which originally turned us on to this product.