Germans take their sausage seriously. Very seriously. So it may come as little surprise that Germany's largest manufacturing company also makes sausages. Currywurst, to be specific – a type of sausage popular in the local market. In fact, Volkswagen has been making currywurst for 45 years now – since 1973. And at 6.8 million links (or 18,000 per day), it sold more of them last year than it did cars worldwide. A staff of 30 make them in a special workshop at the factory in Wolfsburg. What started out as a product for its own employee cafeterias has long since grown to a common staple in Germany, available in grocery stores and handed out in five-packs by local dealers as gifts to customers. The sausages even have a part number in the Volkswagen Originalteil catalog: 199 398 500 A – right there between the wiper blades and lug nuts.