French automaker Peugeot is one of those few companies that makes both two- and four-wheeled vehicles. But it also makes pepper grinders. PSP Peugeot SAS is the name of the company, Peugeot Saveurs the name of the brand. It makes mills for pepper, salt, chili, nutmeg, and coffee, as well as an array of wine accessories: corkscrews, glasses, decanters, and such. Though the company is no longer directly associated with the automaker, it is owned by the Peugeot family. After their stake in the PSA Group (formerly Peugeot SA) was diluted from over 25 percent to little over 14, the family that founded the automaker returned to their old daily grind, as it were. The Peugeot bicycle brand, however, is still owned by the automaker.