Peugeot? A modern-day Peugeot? Yes, I’ve always preferred modern cars over classics and young timers (with some little exceptions), and this 2007 407 Coupe is everything one might want from a vehicle. It has its own character, being positioned in a niche of its own somewhere between a sports coupe and a grand tourer, and looks great even today, more than a decade after it was produced. Plus, it is fitted with every single feature for a comfortable and enjoyable drive, including electric leather heated seats with memory function, touchscreen satellite navigation, aluminum sports pedals, dual automatic climate control, and a JBL premium audio system.

The acceleration, provided by the 2.2-liter naturally aspirated gas engine, won’t give you back pains, that’s for sure, but it’s still an adequate four-cylinder non-turbo motor, even by today's standards. With 163 horsepower on tap, it should provide enough oomph for your daily needs and will even give its premium rivals a good run for its money.

Oh, and it's actually the closest thing to the famous Taxi 4 407 taxi vehicle. Well, it doesn't have the air suspension and retractable body kit, but still...

— Anthony Karr