The 993 is prized as the last of the air-cooled 911s, but for many fans the 964’s perfect mix of classic character and modern manners make it the one to have. Little wonder Singer decided that the model provided the perfect foundation for its mega-money restorations.

A manual Carrera 2 coupe will always rank highly for desirability. Attention inevitably is now turning to previously unloved variants like the Targas. Porsche’s return to the classic roll-hoop look for the current 991 Targa has helped the 964 version start to chase the coupe in terms of desirability. They’re still a little cheaper to buy, but this price advantage won’t last long.

AutoFact: Although the current version revives the classic look, the 964 was the last of the true 911 Targas with the roll hoop and removable roof panel.