In the effort to push more and more hybrids into the mainstream, electrified cars are taking conventional shapes. Automakers are realizing that you don’t have to make a weird-looking hatchback in order to promote your electrification strategy, and there’s lots of proof of that in Detroit this year.

Take the Honda Insight for example. If you told us this was a Civic, we’d totally believe you. There’s no weird naming or badging. Honda says its goal isn’t to make a great hybrid car, it’s to just make a great car that also happens to be a hybrid.

Elsewhere, electrified powertrains with 48-volt batteries are making their way into a ton of big name cars. Every new Audi A8 sold will be a hybrid. The new Mercedes-AMG 53 range uses an electric motor, but you don’t see “hybrid” or “e” anything in the name. Heck, even the Ram 1500 and Jeep Wrangler are embracing hybrid tech.