Honda mowers are known as the Lamborghinis of self-propelled, walk-behind grass cutters. Now that Honda, the automobile manufacturer, has its own crate motor, someone should swap it with the relatively anemic GCV190 engine on the top-of-the-line HRX217VKA model from Honda, the lawn equipment manufacturer.

The GCV190 produces 5.1 horsepower, which means the HRX, now dubbed the Type HRX, would see a gain of 301 horsepower. That’s more than enough power to keep those twin blades turning through the thickest blades of Kentucky Bluegrass. Turbo spool-up will be a problem, as the HRX’s top speed is a scant 4 mph, but if you lift the limiter and strap on your Asics, the rear-wheel-drive HRX should be able to do donuts around your neighbor’s Toro.    

- John Neff