Growing up, the only cool things under the tree ran on batteries. Nowadays, I feel the same way about cars. Obviously, then, I need to make a battery-powered choice here. 

Although we are on the cusp of a number of exciting electric vehicles arriving – the Porsche Taycan, Polestar 2, and Ford Mustang Mach-E spring quickly to mind – the best choice this year may be one of the oldest models on the market: the Tesla Model S Performance

This old dog has been learning new tricks since it began rolling off the Fremont factory floor back in 2012. So, though it may be getting up there in age, it's still very young at heart. Just this past April, for example, the latest "Raven" update debuted, blessing the liftback sedan with fully adaptive air suspension, faster fast charging (200 kW!), and 373 miles of EPA-rated range (the Performance trim is rated for 348 miles). 

With free Supercharging now included and cool features being added regularly via over-the-air updates – think Dog Mode, Sentry Mode, and Smart Summon, to mention but a few  – it pretty much stomps potential competitors. Its huge hatch, comfy ride, and Navigate on Autopilot make it perfect for cross-continental trips or commuting through town. And don't even think about trying to take it at the lights. With 60 miles an hour arriving in 2.4 seconds, this thing owns. Still. 

– Domenick Yoney, Community Manager