The newest teaser clip has some value as it reveals the crossover will get an adjustable air suspension derived from the Q7.

Ahead of its premiere on Thursday on the dawn of the Paris Motor Show, the second-generation Q5 is showing us one of its aces up its sleeve. While the outgoing model is not being offered with an optional adjustable air suspension, things will change with the new one to enhance the crossover’s off-road capabilities. To be fair, it’s not like that 2017 Q5 customers will actually leave the tarmac very often, but even so it’s a nice feature to have for those willing to spend extra.

Audi has not released any details about the Q5’s adaptive air suspension, but it should be similar with the one offered on the Q7. On the larger SUV, owners are able to pick from one of the following five modes: standard, allroad (+25 mm), off-road/lift (+60 mm), dynamic (-15 mm), and loading (lowers the rear axle by 55 mm).

Previous teasers have shown the second iteration of the posh crossover will be offered with optional matrix LED headlights and quite possibly with a larger trunk than the current Q5. The boosted practicality will likely be the result of a slight increase in size set to also improve legroom for passengers sitting in the back thanks to a stretched wheelbase. Despite what will likely be a minor bump in footprint, the new Q5 will be significantly larger than the model before it thanks to the MLB Evo platform estimated to enable a diet of up to 220 pounds (100 kilograms).

We will have all the details on Thursday when the Q5 will be revealed in full at the Paris Motor Show, while a North American debut is likely set for the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. As a refresher, production will begin before the end of the year at the company’s new San José Chiapa factory in Mexico. In other words, it won't be built at home in Ingolstadt, Germany as it is now, and that's something that some people will care about.

Source: Audi

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