The driver claims the car accelerated by itself, Tesla says logs show accelerator pedal was pressed.

A Tesla Model S owner is at loggerheads with the California automaker about the cause of a crash involving his car, Electrek reports.

The crash occurred in August in Lighthouse Point, Florida. As shown in the video above, the Model S was pulling up to park in front of a gym when it suddenly accelerated, smashing through the front window and into the side wall. The driver, the owner’s wife, was not injured in the crash.

You can see images of the aftermath below.

After the crash, the owner claimed that the car had taken off by itself. Tesla, meanwhile, says it was able to review the vehicle’s logs remotely and ascertained that the accelerator pedal had been pressed.

The owner, who said he has owned several Teslas and currently owns two,  took to a Tesla forum to vent about the dispute - the post has since been deleted.

“I am amazed and wildly disappointed by the way Tesla has handled this and their complete unwillingness to even talk to me about it,” the owner wrote. “Of course, they immediately blamed it on the driver and claimed their online computer tells them that.”

He conceded driver error could have the cause of the crash, but added: “We do not feel that is what has occurred and wanted to have it looked further into.”

A very similar incident involving a Model X occurred in California in June. In that case, the driver also claimed the car accelerated by itself, but Tesla said they had in fact hit the gas pedal after reviewing the car’s logs.

In a statement given to Electrek, Tesla said: “Tesla’s cars do not accelerate without the driver instructing it to do so. In every situation where we have received a customer claim about this, the vehicle’s diagnostic logs have confirmed that the acceleration was the result of the driver pressing the accelerator pedal.”

Figures compiled by the National Highway Transport Safety Administration show that some 16,000 crashes are caused every year in the United States by the driver accidentally hitting the accelerator instead of the brakes.

Source: Electrek

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