Lamborghini expects the Urus performance crossover to double the Italian brand’s annual sales once it debuts, and if the new model is really such a massive success, there’s a chance a four-door sedan could be on the way. Nothing is certain yet, but Lambo boss Stefano Domenicali is at least open to the idea. “We need to be open to make the right decision. It’s a rolling process that we need to take to be ready with the right decision at the right moment,” he told CarAdvice.


Lamborghini hasn’t sold a four-passenger model in decades, let alone one with four doors. The company considered the idea before, though. The 1987 Chrysler Portofino concept wasn’t attractive but showed a sedan fit on a stretched Jalpa chassis. The Estoque (above) concept from 2008 was a much better interpretation of the idea. The design elongated the brand’s sharp-edged styling into a gorgeous V10-power sport sedan. It would still look fantastic in Lambo’s current lineup.

Lamborghini Estoque Concept
Lamborghini Estoque Concept

The company reportedly put serious consideration into selling the Estoque but eventually gave the Urus a green light instead. The decision makes sense from a financial perspective because crossovers continue to have red-hot popularity.

Domenicali also reiterated Lambo’s plan to stick with V12 engines for as long as possible. “This is what people ask of us. In any case, there is still a niche in that market that we want to occupy,” he told CarAdvice. The boss said earlier this year that there’s room for development from the V12, and customers still demand the powerplant in the company’s vehicles.

Domenicali understands that technology has to progress, but there are some things he’s not willing to try. “There are certainly technologies such as autonomous technology…you will never see a Lamborghini being driven independently,” he said, according to CarAdvice. As long as Domenicali is in charge, driving a Lamborghini still means the driver is in control.

Source: CarAdvice

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