Allstate’s annual “America’s Best Drivers Report” is out and it’s showing a new city at the top of the rankings.

Without further ado, the best drivers according to Allstate’s analysis are from Brownsville, Texas. The city has been promoted from last year’s second place to the first position, thus dethroning Kansas City, Kansas at the top of the standings. Based on the data gathered by the insurance company from its clients, the amount of time between two claims stands on average at a whopping 14.6 years in Brownsville. That’s a full year more than drivers in Kansas City.

On third place we find Madison, Wisconsin with an average between claims of 13.3 years, allowing the city to jump three places in the standings compared to 2015. The top five is completed by drivers in Cape Coral, Florida with an average of 12.9 years between claims, followed closely by people from Boise, Idaho with a 12.8-year average between claims.

At the other end of the standings, Boston, Massachusetts is dead last on position 200 with only 3.7 years on average between claims. Interestingly, there’s another city from MA at the bottom of the list, with Worcester drivers “earning” the 199 spot by posting an average of just four and a half years between two claims.

Based on Allstate’s research, the most improved city compared to 2015’s rankings is Anchorage, Alaska, as it has moved up 58 spots to occupy 69th place in the standings with an average of 9.7 years. It’s a bit worse than the nationwide average of one collision once every ten years.

The longest streak for getting into the top 10 belongs to drivers in Boise, Idaho with 8 years in a row, while Colorado is considered as being the safest state since it has made it to the top 10 list more than any other state in the U.S. of A.

Check out the press release area for the full top 200. The entire report can be downloaded in PDF format from the source link below.

Source: Allstate

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