Tesla claims its 8.0 update has the biggest user interface improvements since the Model S' launch.

The Tesla 8.0 software update is now widely available to drivers via an over-the-air update, and that means the company can finally tell us what the changes are. The EV maker claims this is “the biggest UI revamp since the launch of Model S.” 

Among the most significant overhauls come to Tesla’s Autopilot semi-autonomous driving system because the tech makes much greater use of the front-mounted radar sensors. They now act somewhat like cameras by scanning the road ahead and creating a 3D image. The improvements allow Autopilot to handle highway interchanges and adapts better to curves through the fleet learning capability. On the safety front, Autosteer shuts off if the driver ignores in-vehicle warnings.

"Software update 8.0 kicks off a significant over-the-air overhaul of the Tesla touchscreen and introduces the biggest UI revamp since the launch of Model S." 

Version 8.0 also brings significant improvements to Tesla’s infotainment system. While using the map, the control bar now fades away when not in use and that allows the image to take up the entire screen. The zoom also adjusts depending on the vehicle’s location and what the driver needs to see most. Another major convenience is the ability to make a single downward swipe while at home and start routing to work. When away from the house, the same movement directs the navigation to take you back to your residence.

The system’s voice recognition is even better at accepting commands, too. A driver now taps a button once to initiate it, and a transcript appears on the instrument panel telling the driver what the tech hears.

Elon Musk says his favorite new feature is the Cabin Overheat Protection that keeps kids and pets from overheating inside the vehicle. Whenever the interior reaches 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius), the air conditioning automatically turns on to cool things down. A future update will let owners pick maximum and minimum temperatures for activating the heating or AC.

These updates are available for Teslas going back to 2012. However, the Autopilot improvements are only for models past a certain point in 2014 because earlier ones don’t have the sensors to support the system. According to Musk on Twitter yesterday, version 8.0 can’t go to customers worldwide immediately because there need to be slight adjustments for different regions.

Source: Tesla

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Tesla software update 8.0 revamps interface, enhances owner experience & safety for all vehicles

Tesla makes the only cars on the road that continue to get safer, smarter, and more capable over time, thanks to free, over-the-air software updates. While traditional cars have static features, a Tesla is more akin to a smartphone, adding new functionality and enhancements throughout the life of the car.

Software update 8.0 kicks off a significant over-the-air overhaul of the Tesla touchscreen and introduces the biggest UI revamp since the launch of Model S. Customers who purchased their car in 2012 will receive the same value of functionality and improvement as customers who purchased vehicles last month. 8.0 combines a modern look with updates to Autopilot, Navigation with Trip Planner, Maps, and the Media Player for a safer, more advanced driving experience. In an industry-first safety measure, we’re also introducing Cabin Overheat Protection, focused on child (and pet) safety. This feature keeps the car at a safe temperature, even when the car is off, and is made possible by our uniquely large battery packs.

Intuitive media player
The media player has been redesigned and personalized to put your favorite content front and center. Search is now simpler to access and more powerful, accessing streaming radio, live stations, podcasts, and any USB device to help you quickly find what they’re looking for.

Voice commands
Voice controls are now easier and clearer to use. Initiation is quick, and clear visual feedback lets you focus on the road without compromising convenience or control.
Voice commands initiate with a single tap
Feedback in the form of a transcript now appears on the instrument panel to confirm your command
Visual tips remind you what commands are available

Maps and navigation
Maps have been updated to span the entire touchscreen, displaying the most important details of your trip. The control bar fades automatically for an uncluttered navigation experience.
Search for destinations with a single touch or voice command
Zoom adjusts based on location to display what you need to see most
Navigate to home or work with a single swipe.
When at home, swipe the navigation button down in the Maps app and navigation will automatically route you to work. When away from home, swipe down and navigation will route back.

Cabin Overheat Protection
In an industry-first safety measure, we're also introducing Cabin Overheat Protect, focused on child (and pet) safety. This feature keeps the car at a safe temperature for hours, even when the car is off. This feature is only made possible by an electric vehicle with Tesla's uniquely large battery packs.

Trip Planner
Trip Planner provides a clear overview of your journey before you leave, with maps that zoom out to show your entire route. Putting your Tesla into Drive automatically starts navigation to your first waypoint.

Autopilot Enhancements

Advancements in signal processing use the Tesla's onboard radar to persistently capture snapshots of its surroundings, creating a 3D picture of the world. Learn more about seeing the world in radar.

Displays now show angled vehicles as they enter a curve and the Autosteer indicator has been updated to more clearly indicate when Autosteer is engaged. We won’t list all 200 improvements to Autopilot in 8.0, but here are a few additions:

Autopilot has been tuned to be more responsive and smoother in stop-and-go traffic
Enhanced safety requirement which disables Autosteer during trip when safety warnings are ignored
Autosteer now navigates highway interchanges
Redesigned Autopilot indicators
Curve speed adaptation now uses fleet-learned roadway curvature
Autopilot now controls for two cars ahead improving reaction time to otherwise-invisible heavy braking events
Car offsets in lane when overtaking a slower vehicle driving close to its lane edge



Periodic over-the-air software updates continue to make Teslas safer, smarter, and more capable at no additional cost to customers. While traditional cars have static features, a Tesla is more akin to a smartphone, adding new functionality and enhancements throughout the life of the vehicle.

7.1: January 2016
Autopilot enhancements
Autopark (perpendicular)

7.0: October 2015
Autopilot: auto steer, auto lane change, auto park, side collision avoidance)

6.2: March 2015
Range Assurance
Trip Planner
Trip Overview
Automatic Emergency Braking
Blind Spot Warning
Valet Mode

6.1: January 2015
Traffic-Aware Cruise Control
Forward Collision Warning
Auto High Beam
Trip Energy Prediction
Reverse Camera Guidelines
Calendar Enhancements: Meeting Notes & Phone Numbers

6.0: September 2014
Traffic-based navigation
Calendar app
New Power management options
Location-based smart air suspension
Custom Car Name

March 2014:
Ability to adjust air suspension to low again
Personalized internet music for Europe
Hill Start Assist (another great powertrain feature)
Navigation: Home/work locations and favorites

November 2013:
Raised air suspension

October 2013:
Energy saving mode to reduce power draw when car not in use
Owner's manual on the touchscreen

August 2013:
Wi-fi & tethering
Heading-up maps

June 2013:
Recognizing superchargers (and other previously used charging locations) on the map, navigating to them

March 2013:
Scheduled charging (to help customers save money by charging when electricity is cheaper)

November 2012:
Auto-presenting door handles (evidence of how useful over-the-air update capability is)
Location-aware Homelink
Voice commands

October 2012:
Added "creep" functionality (exciting to add a powertrain capability as part of an over-the-air update)
Named driver profiles