The New York City Police Department has already taken delivery of the first 100 units, with the remaining 150 to follow.

Good news for police officers that have been using three-wheel motorbikes to patrol the streets of New York City. The local authorities have decided to retire these vehicles in order to make room in the garage for 250 shiny new Smart ForTwo coupes. These are joining the 9,000-vehicle fleet used by the police in New York and are perfect for the busy city thanks to their small footprint making them easy to maneuver on the crowded streets.

Besides being significantly safer than the three-wheel motorbikes, the Smart ForTwo coupes also exhibit another major advantage: air conditioning. The simple, yet very important amenity will make work easier for the police officers on duty during the hot summer days in New York. These cutesy little patrol cars have also received suitable police attire, with a white and blue livery, a blue revolving lamp mounted on the roof, along with the necessary police radio equipment on the inside.

The Support Services Bureau (SSB) of the NYPD has already taken delivery of the first 100 cars and is now waiting to welcome the remaining 150 in its growing fleet. The small 15-inch steel wheels are a sign the authorities have decided to go with the entry-level Pure trim available in U.S. from $14,650 MSRP, but most likely Smart was kind enough to provide a sizeable discount given the large order.

The rear-wheel-drive little machines are equipped with a turbocharged, three-cylinder 0.9-liter engine producing 89 horsepower (66 kilowatts) and 100 pound-feet of torque. That should be enough power to handle a day’s work, while the EPA rating of 32 miles per gallon in the city means the cars will be easy on the NYPD’s wallet.

As you would imagine, the police department is more than happy with the recent acquisition. According to Officer Ralph Jefferson, who is already driving one of the cars around Chinatown:

“The smart is spacious and agile and makes my job much easier. Many people say that the little patrol cars are really cute, too.”

Source: Smart

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