The facelifted model will feature a new lighting signature and tidier interior design.

Each time we see images of the 2018 Mercedes S Class, a little piece of the jigsaw falls into place. We already knew it would receive revised lighting and interior elements, but the videos you see here, filmed by Youtuber walkoART, are the first clear indication of what they could end up looking like when the car goes into production.

The existing S Class has a single strip of white LEDs curving around the inner edge of the headlight unit to act as daytime running lights, and adjacent to that are a smattering of orange LEDs for the turn signals. Here we see that has changed for the 2018 car, with twin strips of LEDs around the outer edge of the headlights that appear to function as both DLRs and turn signals. Other elements may have changed, but can’t be seen behind the disguising tape.

Around the back, the tape on the lights suggests changes have been made there as well, but we don’t see them light up so it’s hard to judge the differences at this point. The lower half of the bumper is also disguised, suggesting changes have been made there, too.


The interior, meanwhile, sees a switch from the distinctive, model-specific two-spoke steering wheel found in the current S Class to a more standardized three-spoke item. It also gains the single sweep of display screen from instrument binnacle to center stack that debuted on the latest E Class - the present S has dual screens separated by a column of buttons.

 Incidentally, the car whose interior was filmed also sports a heavily disguised front bumper, suggesting there could be major changes on the cards there.

 The 2018 S Class is expected to debut early next year, at either the Detroit or Geneva motor shows. It is expected to carry a family of brand-new six-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines, as well as the usual big V8s and V12s in top-end models.

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