The fat oval exhaust tips are a clear sign we are dealing with the cream of the crop in the A5 range.

Audi was at the Nürburgring yet again the other day to abuse a prototype of the RS5 Coupe ahead of the model’s big reveal scheduled for 2017. Riding super low and hiding some huge air vents at the front, the partially camouflaged quattro-equipped test vehicle had the RS-specific alloy wheels as well as the dual oval exhaust tips reserved for the flagship version of a model’s range.


The interior was home to a pair of body-hugging Recaro bucket seats and it also had a roll cage, but that’s just for the testing phase and it will obviously not be offered on the production car. The dashboard appears to be exposed, although it doesn’t come as a big surprise seeing as how the RS5 will have just about the same cabin as the recently introduced S5, albeit with upgraded seats, a new steering wheel, and some extra sporty touches to denote it’s the range-topper.

In regards to what will power it, the naturally-aspirated 4.2-liter V8 of the old model has been retired to make room for a turbocharged unit. Most likely it’s going to be Audi’s brand new 3.0-liter V6 from the S5 where it generates a healthy 354 horsepower (260 kW). However, in the RS5, the six-cylinder mill is expected to receive a second turbocharger to boost output at close to 500 hp (373 kW), according to some reports. That being said, most likely the final number will be at somewhere in the region of 480 hp (358 kW). We should also point out that some other sources are claiming the RS5 will take advantage of an electric compressor as seen in the torquetastic SQ7 and the Bentley Bentayga Diesel.

2018 Audi RS5 Coupe spy photo
2018 Audi RS5 Coupe spy photo

Regardless of what will reside underneath the hood, Audi’s all-new RS5 Coupe will be substantially quicker and more economical than its predecessor, not just due to its turbo heart, but also thanks to the healthy weight loss brought by the MLB Evo platform. In the case of the lesser A5 Coupe, the switch to new underpinnings has enabled a considerable diet of up to 132 pounds (60 kilograms), and while the RS5 probably won’t lose as much fat, it’s still going to be significantly lighter than its predecessor.

The RS5 is definitely shaping up to be quite the looker taking into account the warm S5 is undoubtedly a sexy coupe, even though the styling is merely an evolution of the previous model. Should you find the coupe too unpractical for your needs, the good news is Audi will offer just about the same hardware and performance in a package that will be easier to live with. We are obviously talking about the RS4 Avant, but let’s not forget the peeps from Ingolstadt have already announced the return of the RS4 Sedan. It means there’s going to be something for everyone with the means to buy a posh, high-performance car with the four-ring logo.

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