Tesla will send out its version 8.0 software tonight through an over-the-air update. It'll include Autopilot upgrades and always-on temperature control system.

Many Tesla owners will wake up tomorrow with the brand’s 8.0 software update on their vehicles. According to company boss Elon Musk on Twitter, the “release will be gradual to make sure there aren't small regressions.” The whole world won’t receive the upgrade immediately because of different configurations for different environments. "This is a major overhaul on almost every level compared to V7,” Musk also wrote on Twitter.

Musk didn’t go into much more detail about the many changes, but he said his favorite new feature was always-on temperature control for preventing kids and pets from overheating. The tech automatically turns on the air conditioning if the interior reaches 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) and if the battery has more than 20 percent charge. Owners get even more control in the 8.1 update.

Version 8.0 also includes an overhaul to Tesla’s Autopilot semi-autonomous system like the ability to handle freeway interchanges. The tech now relies more on information from the radar sensors than before. For example, it can bounce the waves underneath a car ahead to "see" what is in front. A new fleet learning capability also lets the company build and share a database of signposts, overpasses, and bridges. Possibly as a way to combat recent controversy, there are now larger warnings to drivers when they engage Autopilot, too.

The last update to the version 7 software just rolled out September 19 when Tesla plugged a hole that allowed remote hacking of its vehicles, according to Teslarati. Chinese researchers discovered the security issue with the search function in the infotainment system’s Web browser. Drivers needed to sign into a malicious Wi-Fi network for someone to gain access to the EV, though.

Expect more information about the version 8.0 software soon. We hope Tesla includes a new Easter egg like the submarine mode and Rainbow Road view in past updates.

Source: Elon Musk, Teslarati

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