Turn key conversion includes massive 40-inch tires.

Off-road truck specialist American Expedition Vehicles has taken the wraps off its latest turn key offering, the Ram-based Prospect XL.

According to AEV, the Prospect XL features “unique upgrades to transform this truck into something remarkable.” It starts life as a common or garden, four-wheel-drive Ram 2500/3500 truck to which AEV adds a raft of upgrades that have been developed over many years.

The package starts with a set of HighMark fender flares that that swell the wells enough to accommodate a set of 40-inch Toyo Open County M/T tires. And yet, despite the size of those tires, AEV has managed to get away with applying a suspension lift of just three inches (75 millimeters).

AEV claims its DualSport suspension setup optimizes the steering geometry for improved handling, while the specially-tuned Bilstein 5100 dampers provide great comfort. And yet the combination still provides enough ground clearance and travel that it can clear just about any obstacle.

All that tire and suspension could put a lot of strain on the steering, but AEV adds a hydraulic assistance system to the existing steering box, lightening the load at the wheel and reducing wear on the components.

Elsewhere, the hood is swapped for AEV’s Heat Reduction Hood, which is claimed to reduce underhood temperatures when either stationary or on the move, and channel water away from the electrics when wading through deep water. To which end, you can also specify a snorkel intake.

There’s also a heavy-duty, stamped-steel front bumper and ductile-iron tow loops, rated to OE specifications. They double as skid plates, as well.

Options include heavy-duty differential covers, a number of external lighting configurations, and a choice of winches up to WARn’s top-of-the-range item, rated at 16,500 pounds (7485 kilograms).

Prices for the Prospector XL start at $17,354, fully fitted. AEV provides a 3-year, 60,000 mile warranty.

AEV calls the Prospector XL "[our] most adventure-ready vehicle platform to date." No doubt.

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