More precise details have emerged of the 2009 Audi S4, including engine and transmission. Paris 2008 will be its debut.

Audi-fest. That’s what it should be called. For here’s a company that only 15 years ago no one knew if it would be coming or going. Seems it’s coming now, and coming pretty fast on your rear view mirrors! Much like the new blazing Audi S4, which we have already reported as a 3.0-litre V6 with a supercharged system that offers driver the sure pleasure of 350bhp or so. Quattro will bear the traction responsibilities as expected, where a quick run to 100km/h should take just less than 6 seconds, while top whack will be limited at 250km/h. Yeah right, this is Audi we’re talking about, so-called "gentlemen’s agreements' are tossed out as fast as an R8 V10 tosses around a track.

Where was I? Oh yeah, gearbox. 2009 S4 will sport the brand new twin-clutch changer found in the new S5 which Audi fancily refers to as S-Tronic rather than what big brother VW calls it; DSG. Same thing. Except S-Tronic changes at 200ms under S4 guidance, weighs 40kg more than the 6-speed changer but yet performs faster and is C02 cleaner as well. Amazing stuff.

Dear S4. As has been promised, we will see you at the Paris Motor Show later in the year, hopefully with hints of your avant and cabriolet present too. Don’t forget also that 2009 is promised to give us your mentor RS 4, so we await that monumental event as well.

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