Neill Blomkamp is directing the return of Clive Owen as the Driver in a new BMW film.

BMW is finally bringing back Clive Owen as the Driver for a new entry in the BMW Films series called The Escape. The company isn’t skimping on talent either because the cast also includes Dakota Fanning, Jon Bernthal (formerly of The Walking Dead), and Vera Farmiga. Neill Blomkamp, who is best known for District 9, is handling the directing duties. The short movie premieres Sunday, October 23, at 6:00 PM EST on

The 30-second teaser above doesn’t give anything away about the plot and only provides some brief glimpses of Owen’s BMW. It’s clear The Escape is action-packed, though. It seems Fanning’s character needs the Driver’s help to get away from something – likely Bernal’s gun-toting soldier.

The eight original movies in the BMW Films series premiered online in 2001, and they were some of the best videos streaming at the time – keep in mind YouTube didn’t arrive until 2005. The clips combined Owen, who wasn’t well known at the time, with some of the best directors in the world. For example, the late John Frankenheimer (of Grand Prix fame) did the first one Ambush.

The clips are still a lot of fun to watch today, especially the five from the first season. The highlight of the bunch is Star. It features Madonna as an annoying celebrity. Her manager hires the Driver to fling her around the backseat of a BMW through some wild driving. The short film is set to Blur’s Song Two, and the director is Guy Ritchie – Madonna’s husband at the time.

The three movies in season 2 from 2002 all feature a BMW Z4 and aren’t quite as good as the first batch where Owen is in a different Bimmer for every short film. We hope that this revival can match the thrills of the original ones and look forward to finding out.

Source: BMW via BMW Blog

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