Meanwhile, BMW's Dingolfing factory in Germany is gearing up for the model's production debut late this year.

With the all-new 5 Series (G30) right around the corner, BMW wants to tell the world how clever the premium sedan will be. Late last month we found out it’s going to allow owners to remotely have a look at the car thanks to a smartphone app called “Remote View 3D” which will make use of the vehicle’s array of cameras to provide a bird’s-eye view of the sedan. Now, the Bavarians are providing a glimpse of the safety and assistance systems that will come bundled with the new 5 Series.

Borrowed from the 7 Series is going to be the Steering and Lane Control Assistant which can be best described as a semi-autonomous driving system. It works together with the active cruise control and stop & go function to enable hands-off driving. In the 7 Series, the technology is available at speeds of up to 130 mph (210 kph), so look for something similar in the new 5.

Next order of business is the Crossroads Warning system that demonstrates its efficiency in case of a potential collision with crossing traffic. As demonstrated in the video, the technology is capable to detect the outgoing 5 Series (F10) pulling out from a side street without using the turn signal. Not only does it warn the driver of the hazard, but it also preconditions the braking system and provides assistance in the event of an emergency braking to avoid an imminent collision.

2017 BMW 5-Series render

These two safety and assistance systems are just the tip of the iceberg as far as the tech goodies the new 5 will have, with many of them to be sourced from the 7 Series. Speaking of which, the video also reveals the M Sport steering wheel available on the company’s flagship model will trickle down to the midsize model.

In related news, BMW has announced plans to gear up for the 5 Series Sedan’s production debut at the Dingolfing factory located in Lower Bavaria. Assembly will begin before the end of the year, prior to the model’s market launch in early 2017. To make sure it will be able to face demand, production of the 5 Series will also take place starting the beginning of next year in Austria at Magna Steyr’s Graz plant.

As for the car’s official premiere, the sedan will show up in Detroit in January 2017 and is going to be followed two months later in Geneva by the 5 Series Touring. Latest gossip indicates the 5 Series Gran Turismo version will be unveiled next fall at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Source: BMW

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