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Apple’s iOS 10 upgrade adds the ability to load stickers into Messages, and these decals are essentially large emoji for adding some personality into a message. The software is just a few days old, but there are already some automotive-themed choices available, including this fun collection of 60 Porsches.

The set includes the most important models in Porsche’s history, including every generation of the 911, all 18 of the company's winners at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the brand’s supercars, and the sometimes unloved front-engine coupes like the 944 and 928. The important variants are also there, like various iterations of the 911 GT3. The racers, like the 917, have different liveries, but the sponsors are slightly different to avoid any licensing issues. If your favorite vehicle isn’t currently among them, the artist promises that more entries could be on the way.

Porsche Emoji

We believe that Porsche fans could send some of these models to each other in texts as shorthand for more complicated ideas. For example, send a 924 when something disappointing happens. The 914 could express when something unexpected occurs, but it turns out to be really good. Plus, the 928 would be perfect for communicating when its time for some “risky business” because of the coupe’s prominent role in the 1980s Tom Cruise film of the same name.

Porsche Emoji

Once you download iOS 10 to your device, it’s quite easy to install the sticker set. At the bottom of the artist’s Website, you can find a guide to the simple, three-step process.

While these Porsche stickers are unofficial creations, don’t be surprised if automakers start directly offering their own sets because sending images of a brand’s cars is cheap advertising for a company. Any marque could create a set of these for its latest models, in addition to the vintage ones, and get some extra name recognition whenever a fan sends them to buddies.

Source: Automoji

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