This might be one of the funniest, most inventive car commercials there has ever been.

Pity the poor Tyrannosaurus Rex. Once he was the king of all he surveyed, the biggest, baddest predator in the land. Feared and revered in equal measure.

But times change. He tried to change with them, but he just wasn’t built for the modern world. A series of unfortunate events befell him and turned fear and reverence into laughter and derision.

It set him on a downward spiral, from which it seemed there was no escape. But he was rescued by a piece of technology that compensated for his shortcomings and revitalized his life, giving him a freedom he had never had before.

And that technology was Audi's piloted driving system - as fitted to an RS7. His feet may be too big to use the pedals, and his arms too short to reach the steering wheel. But that doesn’t matter, as the autonomous driving technology does all the work for him. It gave him his life back. And hanging your tail out the window of a moving car is always fun.

Sounds like a typical human interest story on an obscure local news show but it is, in fact, a quite brilliant promo for Audi’s piloted driving autonomous car technology. It’s hilarious and genuinely emotional, getting the message across much more effectively than any number of lap records would.

If you follow advertising industry award ceremonies - and who doesn’t - expect this to win many prizes.