Former Toro Rosso Formula 1 racer Sebastien Buemi believes the huge step changed planned for 2017 cars will make young drivers “scared” of them – because they will be so challenging to drive.

Buemi has already tested a Red Bull RB11 – modified to accept Pirelli’s new wider tyres and anticipated downforce levels – at Mugello in Italy earlier this year.

The reigning FIA Formula E champion and 2014 World Endurance Champion thinks this will instil the fear factor once more into young drivers who aspire to race at the top level.

“Clearly the cars are going to be quicker,” Buemi told “They’re going to be a lot quicker, they’re going to be a lot more physical [to drive].

“I think Formula 1 will go back to being the top of being very hard to drive. As a new driver you’ll be even scared to jump into the car – that’s good.

“In terms of show, I can’t say. The cars will be quicker in the corners, slower on the straights, so it’s difficult to say if we’ll see more overtaking, but it’s gonna be a lot more of a challenge – and that’s what F1 is supposed to be.

“For the guys who are already in F1 for a few years, it will be OK for them, but for the new ones it might be a shock. Physically it’s gonna be tough, and that’s not been the case in the last three or four seasons.

“I think the tyres look good, the car looks quick static. I think it’s gonna be great. More Gs, more speed in the corners – all good. The teams will have to adapt quickly, so it might change the shape of the grid.”

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New drivers will be “scared to jump into” 2017 F1 cars – Buemi