The two comedians took the classic Buick for a quick jaunt around town.

For nearly 30 years, David Spade’s been working in "the industry," believe it or not. Around the same time he started his comedy career, Buick was in the middle of launching a vehicle that… well, wasn’t funny at all. At least it wasn't funny to the competition. That car was the Grand National.

The Grand National hit the scene in 1987, and was considered one of the few, true muscle cars of the 1980s amongst a sea of smaller, more efficient engines. Today you won’t find one for under six figures at an auction setting. Where you will find one, though, is in David Spade’s garage - next to a Dodge Charger Daytona. Spade bought the car in 2008 and has kept it in not-so-immaculate condition since then, given the scratches and dings to the exterior.

Friend and fellow comedian Jay Leno decided to meet up with Spade at a local comedy club to check out his Grand National in person. Naturally, he and Spade took it for a spin down the streets of Los Angeles and put it all on film for the world to see.

As far as specs on this all-American beast are concerned, under the hood is a 3.8-liter turbocharged V6 good for 245 horsepower (328 kilowatts) and 360 pound-feet (488 newton-meter) of torque. This car could tackle the quarter mile in just 14.23 seconds, and would continue on to a top speed of 124 mph.

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