Lego's latest kit lets you build a Caterham 620R, complete with a removable engine cover.

While someone can purchase one of Caterham Cars’ roadsters complete from the factory, enterprising buyers also have the choice of building them at home from a kit. If building a sports car in your garage is too daunting of an undertaking, Lego’s new Caterham 620R set lets you get some small-scale practice before trying the real thing. Plus, the finished model would be a great addition next to the brick replicas of the Volkswagen Beetle and Ferrari F40.

The Caterham 620R kit has over 770 pieces, which is quite manageable compared to the Volkswagen Beetle’s 1,167 parts or the massive 2,704 bricks for building the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. The roadster wears an eye-popping shade of yellow with black stripes down the hood, and the side-mounted exhaust looks particularly fantastic. The sports car also has removable sections for the nosecone and engine cover, including the appropriate details for the powerplant underneath. The trunk opens, too. Inside, there's a turning steering wheel. The completed model measures 11 inches (28 centimeters) long, 5 inches (14 cm) wide, and 4 inches (10 cm) tall. The set also comes with a set of axle stands, so you can display the car with the wheels off.

This 620R model is the product of the Lego Ideas program that lets anyone submit a kit that might eventually go on sale. Carl Greatrix created the scale roadster and garnered the necessary 10,000 supporters for the company's review board to consider the idea. The firm liked the concept enough to get permission from Caterham for putting the set into production. Greatrix originally submitted two different liveries for the sports car: bright yellow and classic British Racing Green, and Lego chose the more vibrant example.

The kit goes on sale in the United Kingdom and the United States on October 1 for $79.99 in the U.S and 69 pounds in the U.K. 

Source: Caterham Cars, Lego

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