The more expensive version with the bigger battery is going to have a maximum range of around 95 km (59 miles).

Peugeot has a long tradition when it comes to bicycles and the family business that preceded the company we know today actually made bicycles as early as the 1800s. To keep up with the times, the French marque has developed a series of electrified bicycles, and the latest one is called “eU01s.” The name is far from being what you would call catchy, but it’s actually an acronym: “e” stands for electric, “U” for urban, “01” for high level, and “s” for speed.

Following the release earlier this year of the e-Kick scooter, the eC01 electrically-assisted bicycle with automatic transmission, and the more recent eF01 electric folding bike, the eU01s competes in the new segment that bridges the gap between electric bicycles that can do 25 kph (15 mph) and scooters. It does so by being able to reach a top speed of 45 kph (28 mph) and it falls under the moped category. You’ll need registration, insurance, and a helmet to legally use the eU01s and you’ll get to pick from two versions.

The entry-level model is going to feature a 400-Wh lithium-ion battery providing enough energy for a maximum range of 75 kilometers (47 miles). Should you want to travel more before having to plug it in, Peugeot will sell you a higher-spec version with a bigger 500-Wh battery pack that will last for as much as 95 km (59 miles). Both eU01s models are propelled by a Bosh electric motor and get their stopping power from 180-mm hydraulic disc brakes.

Speaking of Bosch, there’s an optional Nyon system developed by the engineering company and it adds a 4.3-inch on-board computer providing pedal assistance configuration. In addition, the optional equipment is compatible with smartphones and it also offers 3D navigation.

Peugeot is going to showcase the eU01s electric bicycle next month at the Paris Motor Show and will have it on sale from December at select dealers and also through the Cycleurope network.

Source: Peugeot

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