Inspired by the GT-R NISMO, the new titanium-made trike has been developed for three-time Paralympic gold medallist David Stone MBE.

Nissan has been showing its support for U.K.’s athletes returning home from the 2016 Rio Olympics with a gold medal by giving them brand new gold-wrapped Leaf electric vehicles. It’s doing the exact same thing for British athletes returning home from the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games organized in Brazil with a gold metal. To further show its support, Nissan has teamed up with the English Institute of Sport (EIS) and British Cycling to create a lightweight trike manufactured from titanium.

Created specifically for ParalympicsGB’s David Stone MBE, the new trike brings weight savings of 18% thanks to the implementation of Titanium Grade 9 also used during the development of the exhaust system for the GT-R NISMO. As a matter of fact, Nissan says that not only the basic material has been carried over, but also the entire design philosophy of the trike is derived from the supercar’s exhaust.

The use of titanium has shaved off a considerable amount of weight compared to David’s original trike which was actually created by using a standard bike frame bonded to a heavy steel trike conversion kit. Besides making it lighter, the team involved in the development of the new trike also managed to stiffen up the frame and incorporated a dual wheel drive system. Nissan goes on to specify the new setup enables “both wheels to be powered yet independently free wheeled, similar to the rear differential on a car.”

The Nissan Innovation Team commenced work on the titanium-made trike back in 2014 and has used a lot of techniques derived from the processes of designing a car. That included a full tridimensional laser scan of David’s old trike to find out what sort of upgrades could be made to cut weight and also lower the riding position in order to increase stability and speed.

Besides developing a new trike, Nissan has also helped EIS create a new type of wheelchair roller used by athletes warming up prior to the start of the races. Moreover, the automaker has provided assistance regarding the materials used for the wheelchair athlete’s gloves and also helped out as far as choosing the best types of testing methods for grip testing wheelchair tires in a variety of weather conditions.

Source: Nissan

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