Video proof from Porsche that hybrids don't necessarily have to be boring and slow.

While we are waiting for the stunning Mission E concept to morph into a production car, Porsche already has on sale an interesting electrified model, the all-new Panamera 4 E-Hybrid. It’s a gorgeous and very frugal sedan that sips only 3.1 liters / 100 km in the New European Driving Circle and can be driven solely on electric power for as much as 31 miles (50 kilometers). Aside from being impressively economical, the fourth member of the Panamera family (after the 4S, 4S Diesel, and Turbo) is also seriously quick.

Porsche has decided to prove the go-fast credentials of its hybridized Panamera by releasing a 360-degree video of the car while tackling the company’s Leipzig test track in Germany. The all-new biturbo 2.9-liter V6 engine provides an appealing soundtrack as the driver hits the accelerator pedal to reach the high rpm levels, while the silent electric motor helps the 4 E-Hybrid generate a combined output of 462 horsepower (340 kilowatts) and 517 pound-feet (700 Newton-meters).

Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid
Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid
Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid
Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid

Compared to the model it replaces, the new eco-friendly Panamera is considerably faster, managing to reach 62 mph (100 kph) in 4.6 seconds and top out at 173 mph (278 kph) whereas the old one needed 5.5s for the sprint before hitting 167 mph (270 kph). One of the reasons why the new 4 E-Hybrid is quicker has to do with the fact that the electric power is available right away, unlike on the previous model where the electric motor delivered its muscle only after pressing the pedal at least 80% of the way down. In Porsche’s words, the combustion engine and the e-motor now “interact in perfect harmony from the very outset.”

Interestingly, Porsche is describing the electric motor as the “performance kit of the future” since it not only boosts total output, but it also slashes fuel consumption and increases the 4 E-Hybrid’s top speed.

The model is already available on order in Germany from €107,553 and will start reaching customers in Europe by mid-April next year, with other markets to follow.

Source: Porsche


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