Porsche staged quite an entrance for the Panamera by bringing the sedan into a posh event underneath a helicopter.

When premiering a new luxury vehicle to an audience of wealthy potential buyers, it's important to make a flashy arrival that grabs everyone's attention. Porsche definitely had the whole group's scrutiny for the Panamera's recent sneak preview in Lithuania because the German sports car maker flew the turbocharged sedan into the event underneath a helicopter.

The chopper's pilots made the delivery look incredibly easy. A harness attached to the Panamera's wheels and let the sedan float in the breeze below the helicopter. Once safely on the ground, someone just needed to detach the cables. Based on the scenes in this video, the crowd was suitably impressed by the stunt, too.

The second-gen Panamera will arrive at dealers in Europe in early November. The first ones available will be the 434-horsepower (324-kilowatt) 4S, 4S Diesel with 416 hp (324 kW), and range-topping Turbo with 542 hp (404 kW). Customers will need to wait until April to get the E-Hybrid with 456 hp (340 kW) and the ability to go 31 miles (50 kilometers) only on electric power. Porsche won't yet reveal pricing or delivery dates in the United States for any of the members of this quartet, but we'll get a better look at them at the upcoming Paris Motor Show.

Porsche will introduce plenty more Panamera variants over the generation's lifetime, too. In terms of additional powertrains, the German brand will likely turn up the heat on the Turbo's 4.0-liter biturbo V8 for the even more potent Turbo S. They'll reportedly also be a range-topping hybrid version with this engine that will make around 700 hp. 

The company will also be happy to sell a Panamera to customers who'll be shopping for a slightly different body. The Panamera shooting brake, possibly called the Sport Turismo, will combine some of these potent engine choices into a wagon that will be a high-speed family hauler. Alternatively, the long-wheelbase model will be the best choice for Porsche clients who will ride in the back more often than they'll be in the driver's seat.