Subaru plans to take things slow when it comes to introducing green vehicles in the next few years, but the company understands they are an inevitable addition to the model lineup further down the line.

Subaru has been slower to embrace hybrid assistance and fully electric vehicles than Japanese rivals like Toyota and Honda. However, the strategy hasn’t hurt the company’s sales, especially in the United States where the automaker has managed 57 consecutive months of growth. In a recent interview with Drive, Subaru Australia managing director Nick Senior suggests the business intends to keep up this tactic and pursue alternative power slowly over the next few years.

“So while we haven't pushed for it, by the end of this decade it's one of the things we have to look at increasing. But there's no electric car that's going to pop out in the next couple of years," Senior told Drive.

But there's no electric car that's going to pop out in the next couple of years." 

The automaker is hedging its bets on hybrids and EVs because the new Subaru Global Platform can support both of them. The chassis is also 70 percent to 100 percent more rigid than the current underpinnings. We should see it on sale first underneath the next-generation Impreza in the near future. From there, the SGP would carry many other future Subaru models.

"But we are seeing a transformation in many areas, some of this is a bit slower at the moment, but there is no doubt in 2025 a percentage of our sales are going to be from electrics, hybrids, whatever you want to speculate. So I imagine from here through to 2025 you're going to see a bit of a change,” Senior told Drive.

Models like the XV Crosstrek Hybrid and Japan’s Impreza Sport Hybrid show that the company isn’t against dabbling with green vehicles. A brief flurry of rumors also alleged the next WRX STI might be a hybrid. In addition, a Japanese newspaper recently reported the automaker was developing an electric midsize crossover on the Subaru Global Platform. However, a spokesperson for the firm told the publication the vehicle didn’t yet have a green light for production.

Source: Drive 

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