The FJ Company shows off what it can do.

Early Toyota Land Cruisers have become hugely collectable in recent years. Indeed, the best ones are worth considerably more than the equivalent Land Rover, its great rival.

The FJ Company has tapped into the interest surrounding those early, FJ40-series Land Cruisers, turning out beautifully restored examples of the breed. Including this ultra-rare FJ45LV station wagon model.

It’s one of the rarest FJ40 models produced, and only around 1000 FJ45LVs were imported to the United States - it’s likely only a small handful survive. A Montana-based enthusiast bought this particular example many years ago with the intention or restoring it. He spent a decade acquiring every original part he could find, but health problems forced him to abandon the project before to could actually start work on the car.

It subsequently passed on to a collector, then to The FJ Company. They found it heavily rusted, but completely original. The original engine and gearbox were still with the car, and the huge inventory of meticulously sealed and cataloged parts contained just about everything needed to build it back up to as-new condition.

Actually, probably better than new. Though these FJ Land Cruisers were built like nuclear bunkers, the level of fit and finish was a long way from perfect, even by the standards of the day. They were working vehicles, after all. But it looks like The FJ Company has put this one back together with a level of care and attention that would boggle the mind of the production line workers who originally built it.

A collector from Dubai has now bought this FJ45LV, however it can currently be seen at The FJ Company’s showroom in Miami, Florida and it will be on display at SEMA in November.

Ironically, though it was more common in period, FJ Land Cruisers are now rarer than the rival Land Rover. Thank its ability to rust at the mere hint of rain for that.  


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