Mexican Grand Prix promoters have revealed plans to make their podium celebrations even more spectacular for this year's race, so more fans can be involved.

The unique positioning of the podium at the Mexico City track – which faces the Baseball Stadium section rather than the pits – delivered an amazing post-race atmosphere last year as the country celebrated getting an F1 race back.

But having taken note of how Monza's track invasion helps make its podium so great, Mexico is now looking at ways it can improve things too.

Rodrigo Sanchez, the Mexican GP's director of marketing, told "I think the podium was one of the most amazing things about the race – and it is definitely staying.

"We are still working with FOM to work out exactly what we are able to do and if we are able to fill up the track with people. Because if we do that and the grandstands are full, it is going to look really spectacular.

"We just need to find the logistics and the way to do it. But we are trying to do something more special and bigger for this year."

Sanchez says the challenge is in getting enough people on to the track in time, as well as ensuring that there is not a rush from the grandstands so they are left empty.

"The good thing about the Monza podium is that the track is full with those huge flags," he said.

"Mexico looked spectacular last year but if you see the track portion, it was photographers and marshals. Even if it was 500 people, it was just a small section right in front of the podium.

"For the best picture we need to fill that with people. The problem is we need to find 30,000 people and bring them in time to fill it up.

"At the same time, the people in the grandstands want to go down but you don't want empty grandstands then. So we are trying to find the best and most logical way to do it."

Sell-out predicted

After easily selling out last year as Mexico held its first F1 race for 23 years, Sanchez has admitted that the track is having to work harder for a repeat because the F1 novelty factor is not there.

But even with increased capacity this year, he is confident that Mexico will again sell all the tickets within the next few weeks.

"I would say last year, about this time of the year, we were completely sold out," he said. "Right now, there is about 15-20 percent of the inventory still left. It is not the same having had F1 23 years ago as having had it eight months ago.

"But launching a last-minute ticket campaign in September, we will have a full house. We've already had 1 million people at the track this year for events and concerts. We have had the Rolling Stones, Coldplay, and Maroon 5.

"It is natural to see a little bit of a drop, but we will still have a full house for the race. We have 10 percent more seats than last year so I think we are in good shape. We just need to wait."


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