About a month ago, Mercedes celebrated the 25th anniversary of its beloved 124-series E-Class Cabriolet. Fast forward to present day, our spies have caught on camera the next installment of the posh cabrio, the all-new model codenamed “A238” bound to see the light of production day in the second half of 2017. As you would imagine, it’s going to be based on the forthcoming E-Class Coupe that we have already spotted testing on numerous occasions.

While the outgoing E-Class Cabriolet is actually based on a stretched version of the previous-gen C-Class’ platform, the new one is going to use the same bits and pieces as the other members of the latest-gen E-Class family. That means it will have a very similar array of turbocharged four- and six-cylinder engines, and it might even get the biturbo 4.0-liter V8 for a full-blown Mercedes-AMG E63 Cabriolet.

2018 Mercedes E-Class Convertible spy photo
2018 Mercedes E-Class Convertible spy photo
2018 Mercedes E-Class Convertible spy photo

The current soft-top and coupe “E” models are not available in a range-topping AMG specification, so hopefully things will change with the new one. Mercedes execs have expressed their regrets for not AMG-ifying the current coupe, so there are enough reasons to believe they will with its next installment and its cabrio counterpart taking into account the number of AMG models has grown considerably in recent years. The trend will continue in the near future with the addition of a first-ever GLC 63.

We’ve been hearing rumors for quite a while about the introduction of a new family of straight-six engines. These are apparently due to debut on the Mercedes E-Class as soon as next year, so if the reports will pan out, chances are the cabrio will have them from day one.

Until then, the E-Class family will grow next month with the launch of a rugged All-Terrain wagon scheduled to premiere in Paris. The sedan and wagon are about to receive the E63 treatment and we already know these will come exclusively with AWD. The coupe will debut most likely early next year and is going to be followed by the cabrio about six months later.

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