Ahead of our review, see the pretty droptop Roller in motion.

– Detroit, Michigan

It's not everyday that a $400,000 Rolls-Royce Dawn stops by the Motor1 office, so when we had one for a little while late last month, we figured, better make the most of it. You'll get to read a full review of the super-plush luxury convertible in just a few days, but ahead of that, here's a look at the car in motion, passing by some of the ruins and other sights of our hometown of Detroit. (Yes, we went to the train station just like everybody else.)

The premise here is simple: Capture the beauty and grace of the new Rolls-Royce Dawn against the hard-edged backdrop of Detroit. There's no talking, no pitch – just moving pictures starring a very pretty Dawn.

What you won't see in the video, however, is the stir this car caused while we were out filming. Never mind a Rolls-Royce's rarity in our office parking lot, to see one anywhere in Detroit is a few-and-far-between experience. Everywhere we took it, locals came out to ogle the car, asking millions of questions and, of course, requesting photos of themselves next to the Dawn (we're always happy to oblige).

Rolls-Royce Dawn
Rolls-Royce Dawn

But what we found most interesting was that the most frequently asked question didn't concern the car's price, or name, or anything else. Oddly enough, the one thing we kept hearing over and over again was, "What year is that?" Maybe that's because it looks like a pretty picture of the future. Or perhaps it's because Rolls-Royce's design is so timeless that this car looks like it might be a gorgeous classic, even in present day.

In any case, we had a fun couple of days with the Dawn in our fleet, and you'll be able to read about our full experience in the very near future. For now, watch the video above to see the big Roller doing its thing in our fair city.

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