I have had some bad days in my time, but none quite so bad as this. A recovery truck driver was attempting to load a Ford Focus when it somehow ran amok, causing mayhem and destruction.

The Focus escapes a driveway and runs across the street before crashing through a yard fence, crossing a lawn and finally plunging into a pool, rapidly sinking to the bottom.

Brings new meaning to the term ‘carpool’, does it not?

The truck driver gives chase, but it is a doomed effort; all he can really do is look on in disbelief. Then make what was probably the single most awkward phone call of his life: “Hi, Brian. I’ve had a slight problem. Yeah, err, how quickly can you get the crane down here?”

And pity the poor homeowner, who probably came home from a hard day at work, hoping for a relaxing evening but instead discovering a crane in their back yard pulling a car out of their pool. ‘Bemused’ would not even begin to cover that feeling.

After the video’s release last week, comment sections inevitably filled almost immediately with accusations that it was a fake. However, the video was posted by the company that supplied the security camera the footage was captured on - the homeowner passed it to the company to be shared.

More to the point, why would you stage such a stunt without an audience? It would be a brilliant prank against the car or homeowner, but neither appear to be nearby.

Instead, it seems most likely this was simply a case of an inattentive driver failing to put a car in Park properly before getting out. It has happened before, it will happen again, and we will continue to laugh at the footage.

Just make sure you learn this man’s lesson and always use the emergency brake. Or else it might be you we laugh at next.

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